Tancredi Foods are able to manufacture a range of bottled and jarred products for you.

  • Caramelised Balsamics
  • Salad Dressings
  • Dessert Pastes and Sauces
  • Mayonnaise
  • Relish, Chutney and Carmelised Onion
  • Jam

Product development, production, labelling and packaging.  We provide full product specifications including Nutrition Tables, Allergens and Country of Origin.

Premium quality products specialising in “hand crafted” products that do not contain preservatives or artificial colours and flavours.

Please note that we do not have peanuts on site and can not process any products with peanuts as an ingredient.

Our standard batch size is 400 litres (1,500 x 250ml portions).  Our minimum production is 150 litres.

31.5mm Aluminium ROPP capping.

Stock a number of glass bottles and jars.

A selection of products can be seen at Myanbah Farm or Finn’s Kitchen

Stocked Glass

Doric Flint 100ml
Dorica Flint 250ml
Marasca Flint 250ml
Black ROPP lids (with or without pourer)

500ml Frescor Bottle Flint with 43mm lid

156ml Tall Food Jar (43mm lid)
250 Tall Food Jar (Paragon 58mm lid)
190ml Round Food Jar (63mm lid)
270 Round Food Jar (70mm lid)
270 Square Food Jar (63mm lid)
300ml Salsa Jar (82mm lid)

Cardboard Cartons
We stock both 6 and 12’s cartons with dividers for most of these lines
25’s bulk packaging for Dorica 250ml bottles